Benefits of Flying at Portsmouth International Airport

Passenger Potential

Your catchment is 4 million potential passengers within an easy one-hour drive

Higher profitability

Load factors are consistent at 85% on flights to leisure destinations from PSM

Overseas capabilities

On-site U. S. Customs facilities and its location on the Great Circle Route make PSM ideal for international routes and technical stops to and from Europe

international customs

Smart alternative

With passenger traffic at New England airports projected to double to 80 million, PSM offers a breath of fresh air away from the crowds

  • No Landing Fee
  • $.05 Fuel Flowage Fee
  • Aircraft Parking - First 24 hours are free. $.35 per square foot per year prorated per day


  • $85 million in airfield infrastructure improvements
  • 20 minutes to clear snow from runway
  • 24/7 airport operations
  • 5.3 acre newly reconstructed terminal apron
  • 150 acres of apron available


  • 6 ticket counters
  • 2 rental car counters
  • 55,000 square foot terminal with snack bar
  • 28,400 square feet of available hanger space
  • 24/7 aircraft rescue and firefighting services
Pease International Airport

General Aviation

Portsmouth International Airport is proud to offer zero landing fees and no aircraft parking fees even for transient aircraft. All airport Employees and General Aviation Tenants must be badged.

The badging office is now located at 55 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH. All airport badging operations will be via appointment only.  Office hours are Tues & Thurs., 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. You can contact the office at 603-433-6536 or via email at

Port City Air

With 2 miles of runway and full ground support for all branches of the armed services and civilian operations, Port City Air is poised to meet all manner of aircraft operations. Port City Air is committed to exceeding expectations and welcoming you regardless of how you arrive.

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Air New England connects regional business markets and resort destinations in New England with Major Metropolitan Areas in the Northeast U.S. and Canada, many inaccessible by airlines. They are a certified FAR Part 135 On-Demand Air Carrier flying pressurized cabin-class turboprop Beech-King Air 90 and twin-engine Beech - Baron 58 aircraft, ideally suited for the Northeast and beyond.

Air New England Symphony Private Jets

Airport Tenants

New Hampshire Air National Guard 157th Air Refueling Wing

Plane refueling another planeHome to 12 Boeing KC-46-A Pegasus refueling tankers, which provide aerial refueling support to the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and partner-national receivers.

Click here for more information on the New Hampshire National Guard

CHI Aerospace

New England’s premier flight school for individuals looking for a career in aviation or simply to fly for fun. The CHI Aerospace training center has the best equipment and expert flight instructors to support you on your journey.

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PlaneSense offers versatile, fractional aircraft ownership.

"The PlaneSense® fractional program was founded in 1996, with a strong belief that there was a smarter way to fly privately. The PlaneSense program offers aircraft share owners notable aviation experience combined with a proven commitment to safety, service, and excellence."

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Cargo Services

Our cargo service is capable of handling any requirement..

  • We handle all cargo from fragile parcels to oversized freight
  • Equipped to support all cargo aircraft, including the world’s largest (AN-124, A380 etc.)
  • Open 24/7
  • On site U.S. Customs

Pease International Airport Noise

Noise Concerns

To file a noise complaint, call our Noise Complaint Line at (603) 436-6333, or fill out our noise complaint submission form.

Noise Complaint Submission Form

Airfield Information

Master Record & Report for Portsmouth International Airport at Pease

Access critical aeronautic information via AirportIQ.

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Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)

See all NOTAMs via the Federal Aviation Administration’s PilotWeb.

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Psst...Get in on a Best-Kept Aviation Secret

Skyhaven Airport in Rochester, NH, operated by the Pease Development Authority, offers a classic New England general aviation experience. 

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