Benefits of Flying at Pease International

Passenger Potential

Your catchment is 4 million potential passengers within an easy one-hour drive

Higher profitability

Load factors are consistent at 85% on flights to Florida from PSM

Overseas capabilities

On-site customs facilities and its location on the Great Circle Route make PSM ideal for international routes and technical stops to and from Europe

Smart alternative

With passenger traffic at New England airports projected to double to 80 million by 2020, PSM offers a breath of fresh air away from the crowds

Pease International Airport


  • $85 million in airfield infrastructure improvements
  • 20 minutes to clear snow from runway
  • 24/7 airport operations
  • 5.3 acre newly reconstructed terminal apron
  • 150 acres of apron available


  • 6 ticket counters
  • 2 rental car counters
  • 55,000 square foot terminal with snack bar


  • 28,400 square feet of available hangar space
  • Zero landing fees
  • 24/7 aircraft rescue and firefighting services

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Flight Schools Through Portsmouth International Airport at Pease

Flying an aircraft or helicopter can be a reality for anyone at almost any age. Portsmouth International Airport at Pease has partnered with CHI Aerospace and Seacoast Helicopters to provide classes for individuals with their eyes on the skies.

CHI Aerospace

New England’s premier flight school for individuals looking for a career in aviation or simply to fly for fun. The CHI Aerospace training center has the best equipment and expert flight instructors to support you on your journey.

Learn More

Seacoast Helicopters

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly in a helicopter–or to fly a helicopter–Seacoast Helicopters has training programs for student pilots, rated pilots, tourists, charter customers, photographers or filmmakers, and utility companies.

Learn More
Pease International Airport

Noise Concerns

To file a noise complaint, call our Noise Complaint Line at (603) 436-6333, or fill out our noise complaint submission form.

Noise Complaint Submission Form

Pease International Airport Makes Air Travel Easy

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