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Long-term lots A, B, and C offer ticketed parking payment by credit card and debit card. Parking in these lots is $7.00 per calendar day. Lot A is marked with navy blue banners. Lot B is marked with forest green banners. Lot C is marked with red banners. Only long-term vehicles will be permitted to park in these lots. All vehicles parked in lots A, B, and C will be subject to the $7.00 daily rate.

  • Receive a ticket upon entering the lot.
  • You must retain your ticket until returning to the airport following your trip.
  • Upon returning, insert your ticket into a Parking Pay Kiosk located in the airport terminal. Kiosks accept credit card and debit card payments.
  • Obtain a new ticket from the kiosk as proof of payment.
  • Passengers have 45 minutes to exit after payment.
  • Vehicle issues handled by National Wrecker (Towing Company) 603-436-3200

Payment Kiosk Locations

  • Two kiosks in the domestic baggage claim area of the airport terminal
  • 1 kiosk in the vending area of the upper-level airport terminal
  • 1 kiosk on the passenger walkway between the airport and parking lot
  • The kiosks accept the following credit cards:
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • AMEX
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Diners
    • Union Pay

*Attention International Passengers: It is recommended to notify your bank prior to traveling internationally.

Parking Meter
Parking Step 1

Push for ticket

When you arrive at the long term parking lot push the green button to get an entrance ticket.

Parking Step 2

Keep ticket with you

Take your entrance ticket with you while you go and enjoy your trip.

Parking Step 3

Pay Upon Return

Upon your return, please pay by credit card at the Pay Station or by cash at the Customer Service Booth, both located in the Baggage Claim area. At the Pay Station, insert the entrance ticket you received upon arrival and pay your parking fee.

After payment, a new ticket will be issued for your exit pass.

Parking Step 4

Insert Your Ticket

When your vehicle reaches the exit, insert your exit pass ticket and go!

Employee Parking Areas

Please do not park in parking lots or spaces that are designated for employee parking. Employee parking lots include TSA parking, Customs and Border Patrol parking, Allegiant Staff parking, Pease Development Authority (PDA) parking, Airport Management parking, and more. Any passenger vehicles that are found parked in the areas designated for employees will be towed at the owner’s expense.

National Wrecker (Towing Company) 603-436-3200

Short-Term Terminal Lot Parking

The Short-Term Terminal Lot is located directly in front of the airport terminal and offers free, temporary parking for rental cars, short-term handicap parking, live passenger pickup and drop-off, and authorized vehicles (i.e. police, U.S. Customs, TSA, limousines). There is no overnight parking permitted in the Terminal Lot. Vehicles left in the Terminal Lot overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.

National Wrecker (Towing Company) 603-436-3200


ADA & Handicap Parking Accessibility

Long-term ADA- and handicap-accessible parking are located in Lot A closest to the terminal walkway. Short-term ADA- and handicap-accessible parking spaces are located in the Terminal Lot.

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For more information about parking, please contact Customer Service at 603-828-5085

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