Lost & Found

Did you lose your item on an Allegiant flight?

For items lost on your Allegiant flight, please call (866) 719-3910

or fill out a Lost Item form here Allegiant Airlines Lost & Found

How do I report lost or damaged baggage?

Please visit your airport Allegiant Baggage Service Office to complete a Delayed Baggage report within four (4) hours of arrival time. If you think you may have left an item behind in the terminal or in the plane, please complete this Lost and Found request form.

Pease International Lost & Found Policy

If you believe you left an item in the Portsmouth International Airport terminal or at our security screening checkpoint, please contact the Airport Operations at:

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm (Eastern Time)

After a period of sixty (60) days, items that have not been claimed are donated to local charities.

If you left an item on your flight, you may refer to the information listed below pertaining to the airlines and their policies regarding lost and found items.

Lost an item at Pease? Fill out the form below.

This form is for items lost on the Pease International Tradeport only. 

For items lost on Allegiant Airlines, please call (866) 719-3910

or visit  Allegiant Airlines Lost & Found

For items lost at the Portsmouth International Airport, please call 603-817-9411.

Lost and Found