Jobs at Pease

Golf Course Equipment Operators

Duration: Full Time

Pease Golf Course is seeking rangers, golf shop staff, and outside staff for the 2018 Golf season. Hours vary according to the needs of the course. These are seasonal positions.

Flexibility is important depending on the weather and golf tournament schedules. Some days may be more/less than 8 hours.


The Ranger is responsible for maintaining an even flow while on the golf course, to eliminate roadblocks to fast play and to ensure no one is waiting for long periods of time.

Range/Cart/Outside Staff

The Range/Cart/Outside Staff is responsible for ensuring golf supplies and equipment are available and in good condition for customers throughout the course and for assisting customers as they transition throughout the course.

This is not a benefits eligible position, however discounted rates for golfing are available as availability exists to part time staff, uniforms, discount on meals.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Pease Golf Course at Pease Development Authority

Tim Riese, PGA Professional


[email protected]

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