Maintaining NH’s Waterways

New Hampshire has more water access than people may realize. Our ports, harbors and navigable tidal rivers offer recreational, commercial and industrial access for residents, visitors, fisheries, pleasure fishermen and boat owners. The Division of Ports and Harbors maintains and develops these waterways to help support and grow commerce and freight shipments through the state’s ports, including on the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor. We also aid in the development of salt water fisheries and related industries.

  • 1 Sprague Energy River Road
  • 2 Sprague Energy Avery Lane
  • 3 Shaftmaster Fisheries Little Bay Lobster
  • 4 Simplex Wire & Cable
  • 5 Public Service Co. of NH Schiller Station
  • 6 National Gypsum and Irving Oil
  • 7 Port of NH Div. of Port & HR Market St. Terminal
  • 8 Isles of Shoals Steamship Co. and NE Charter Boats
  • 9 Granite State Minerals
  • 10 State Fish Pier
  • 11 Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • 12 US Coast Guard Ports. Harbor Station
  • 13 Pilot Station
  • 14 Rye Harbor
  • 15 Hampton Harbor

Market Street Marine Terminal

The terminal to the Piscataqua River on Market Street in Portsmouth offers public access and general cargo handling capabilities.


Key Features

  • 8 acres of paved access outside lay down area
  • 20,000 sq. ft. of covered warehouse
  • Onsite rail access
  • 600-foot berth, 35 ft/MLW
  • .5 miles from Interstate 95
  • 2 miles from Pease International Tradeport
  • 3 NM from open sea
  • Fresh water


Cargo handling capabilities

  • Bulk cargo (scrap, salt, wood chips)
  • Break bulk (industrial and machinery parts, construction materials)
  • Project cargo (power plant components, vacuum tanks)
  • Container cargo


Bunkers Available Through Permitted Vendors

Contact the DPH at (603) 436-8500 for listings.

Contact Rye Harbor at (603) 319-8246

Contact Hampton Harbor at (603) 929-0347

Terminal Charges

Pilot & Pilotage

We oversee administrative rules for port captains, pilots and pilotage in the Portsmouth Harbor and Piscataqua River. Portsmouth Pilots: (603) 436-1209 Moran Towing: (603) 436-0556

Pilot Rates Pilot and Pilotage Rules


The Division of Ports and Harbors is responsible for more than 1,500 moorings in 29 mooring fields. Rules governing moorings and anchorages went into effect in August 2009; view the rules or contact us with questions at 603-436-8500.

Mooring PDF’s:

Passenger Vessels

The public is welcome out of Portsmouth and numerous other facilities and marinas for various recreational activities on our waterways.

PDA 700 Slip Permits

Charter Boats

Enjoy a chartered excursion along some of New Hampshire’s most picturesque coastal areas! Charter boats operate from three of our facilities:

  • Hampton Harbor, Hampton, NH
  • Rye Harbor, Rye, NH
  • Market Street Marine Terminal-Burge Wharf, Portsmouth, NH

Vessels range from six-passenger boats to 100-passenger vessels and are chartered for striper, bluefish, cod or bluefin tuna fishing, scuba diving excursions to the Isles of Shoals or scallop beds, cocktail or lobster bakes, and lobster trap-hauling demonstrations.

Party Fishing Boats

Have a party on the water! We provide access to several party fishing boats for half- and full-day excursions. These boats operate from the Hampton and Rye Harbor marinas, measure up to 75 feet long and can carry up to 150 passengers.

Whale Watching

Catch some amazing sights on a whale watching trip. Some passenger vessels offer these great experiences out of the Hampton and Rye Harbor Marinas.

NH Seacoast Cruises Find a Whale Watch

Ferry Boats

The Isles of Shoals is a group of islands located approximately seven miles off the coast of New Hampshire. Sightsee around the Shoals or visit Star Island, home to a hotel and conference center, by way of one of the Seacoast’s ferry boat tours.

Isles of Shoals

Cruise Ships

Make Portsmouth the destination for your cruise ship! The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce is happy to provide information to guide your trip.

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Commercial Fishing

Commercial fishing from state-owned piers and facilities falls under the jurisdiction of the Division of Ports and Harbors. We maintain jurisdiction over the state-owned commercial fishing piers and facilities at Portsmouth, Rye Harbor and Hampton Harbor. Berths and slips are only available at Portsmouth; no long-term or overnight berthing is available at Rye or Hampton harbors due to physical limitations. Commercial fishermen wishing to use the facilities must obtain a “Pier Use” permit. Bulk fuel is available through permitted vendors; contact us for a list of these vendors. Ice and chandlery are also available at Portsmouth. The Commercial Fishermen’s Revolving Loan Fund has funds available for loans to qualified commercial fishermen.

Revolving Loan Fund Process Pda 700 Slip Permits Pda 600 Commercial Piers & Associated Facilities Affidavit for Commercial Vessel Registration

Contact us for more information at 603-436-8500

Foreign-Trade Zone

The Division of Ports and Harbors is the Grantee of Foreign-Trade Zone #81, which includes 5 sites and 2 subzones.


Marine Directory

This is your source for information about the Division of Ports and Harbors and the waterways we oversee.


PDA 400 Harbor Master Rules

555 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours contact number, (603)-436-8500 Contact Rye Harbor, (603) 319-8246 Contact Hampton Harbor, (603) 929-0347

Port authority Contacts

Geno Marconi, Director of Ports and Harbors, (603)-436-8500 Whit Anderson, Operations Manager, (603)-436-8500 Tracy Shattuck, Chief Harbor Master, (603)-365-0505 Grant Nichols, Deputy Chief Harbor Master, (603)-817-0433 Don Barnard, Hampton Harbor Master, (603)-365-0511 Dick Delude, Great Bay, Little Bay, Cocheco, Bellamy, Lamprey, Oyster and Piscataqua River (above I-95 bridge) Harbor Master, (603)-235-7332 Mike Pike, Seabrook Harbor Master, (603)-365-6345 Leo Axtin, Rye Harbor Master, Gosport Harbor (603)-365-0509 Tim Field, Exeter and Newfields Harbor Master, (603)-365-0515 Rodney McQuate, Portsmouth Harbor Master (603)-231-6100 (Little Harbour and Sagamore Creek) Del Record, Portsmouth Harbor Master (603)-944-0569

Port advisory contacts

Geno Marconi [email protected] Erik Anderson [email protected] Jeffrey Gilbert, Designee of the Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, [email protected] Donald Coker, Chairman, [email protected] Bradley Cook, [email protected] Chris Holt, [email protected] Chris Snow, [email protected] Roger C. Groux, [email protected]

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