what sets new
hampshire apart

New Hampshire leaders have a history of fighting taxes and controlling state government spending. These longtime efforts are evidenced in New Hampshire’s tax policy, resulting in one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation.

  • No broad-base personal income tax
  • No personal property or machinery tax
  • No sales or use taxes
  • No inventory tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No professional service tax
  • No customs or software tax
  • No Internet tax

Businesses moving to New Hampshire enjoy these low taxes in lieu of subsidies, exemptions or other cash allowances that often end of being borne by in-state businesses.

Low-Tax, High-Quality

In addition to being a low-tax state, New Hampshire provides access to a skilled workforce, with a positive net-immigration of domestic workers, most having a Bachelor of Arts degree or higher. New Hampshire also boasts a unique quality of life.

  • Excellent school systems around the state
  • Quality healthcare
  • Historic sites and cultural activities
  • Highway access across the state
  • Accessible airports
  • Lower cost of living than surrounding states

Fair Playing Field For All

New Hampshire’s tax incentives are based on what a company saves in operational costs, and the opportunity to use those savings to increase profits, rather than what is loaned to companies in the form of public subsidies and exemptions.

Being a low-tax state may not attract businesses on its own, which is why New Hampshire proudly offers a work/life balance unmatched in other states.


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