Marine Directory

For a comprehensive list of the Fuel Vendors, Special-Use Permits providers, Northeast Captains Assoc. and other terminal services visit the Division of Ports and Harbors website.

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Geno Marconi, Director of Ports and Harbors, 603-436-8500

Whit Anderson, Operations Manager, 603-436-8500

Tracy Shattuck, Chief Harbor Master, 603-436-8500

Grant Nichols, Deputy Chief Harbor Master, 603-436-8500

Don Barnard, Hampton Harbor Master, 603-365-0511

Dick Delude, Great Bay, Little Bay, Cocheco, Bellamy, Lamprey, Oyster and Piscataqua River (above I-95 bridge) Harbor Master Dick Delude 603-235-7332

Mike Pike, Seabrook Harbor Master, 603-365-6345

Tim Field, Exeter and Newfields Harbor Master, 603-365-0515

Rodney McQuate, Portsmouth Harbor Master 603-231-6100 (Little Harbour and Sagamore Creek)

Leo Axtin, Rye Harbor Master, Gosport Harbor 603-365-0509

Del Record, Portsmouth Harbor Master 603-944-0569

Port Advisory Council Members

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