NH Business Services Incentives

In addition to low taxes and financial assistance, the State of New Hampshire provides a network of programs, including:

  • Sell to the Government - New Hampshire Procurement Technical Assistance Program: This program helps New Hampshire businesses - whether large, small, newly established, minority or women-owned - to obtain information needed to bid competitively on Department of Defense, federal, state and local contracts.
  • Help with Early Stage Research - New Hampshire Industrial Research Center: This is a subsidized technical assistance program offered by the University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College which provides applied and basic research & development, marketing and design of experiment methods.
  • Learn How to Start a Small Business - Small Business Development Centers: This program provides assistance for companies in developing business plans, financing and other related business issues.
  • Export/Import Assistance - Office of International Commerce: This office provides comprehensive resources for assisting New Hampshire companies in global exporting and importing.
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