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Pease Development Authority
Engineering and Facilities Department

Initiative and Programs

The PDA Engineering and Facilities Department is led by Maria Stowell, P.E., Manager of Engineering. The staff also includes; Michael Mates, P.E., Engineering Project Manager and Jared Sheehan, Environmental Compliance Coordinator.

The department has a wide range of responsibilities in several major areas in conjunction with the development of the Tradeport. These areas include tasks related to facilitating development and primary stewardship activities such as establishing and implementing environmental protection programs, administering land use controls, property repair and maintenance, and construction monitoring activities. The department interfaces with agencies and interested parties in surrounding communities, including local planning boards, the Portsmouth City Engineer and Code Enforcement Officer, the Seacoast Metropolitan Planning Organization, Route 16 Corridor Study, and the COAST transit system.

Facilitating Development

One of the primary functions that we serve as facilitators is that of providing the necessary planning, design and construction of infrastructure to make the Tradeport attractive to potential clients. This department has taken an active role in securing more than $30 million in Federal grants to construct a new Tradeport entranceway, water and wastewater infrastructure, reconstruction of the airport pavements and lighting systems, renovation of several existing facilities and demolished outmoded buildings to clear space for developers interested in constructing new buildings. Other Federal funds are being applied to environmental projects to improve both surface water and air quality in the area. All of these projects were supportable due to a significant planning effort that was completed in the early stages of Base Closure.

The Department works closely with developers as their projects proceed through the planning and approval process. We spend considerable time discussing the process of obtaining local and state approvals including planning board site review, subdivision and building permit approvals. In some cases, state approvals for air emissions or industrial discharges are also required and we work with the client and or their consultants to make these processes "user-friendly".

Environmental Protection Programs

We have utilized Federal funding to initiate several projects to improve surface water and air quality in the Pease area. One of the more important ongoing programs that are not federally funded is that of monitoring stormwater discharges from the Tradeport under the EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). We collect and analyze surface water samples on a monthly basis to ensure that water entering the environmentally sensitive areas such as Great Bay does not contain pollutants that would threaten those areas. We have applied EPA funds to improve the natural treatment of stormwater runoff by reconstructing Grafton Ditch to act as a treatment system. We work closely with city, state and developers with respect to wellhead protection, part of the state's groundwater protection program.

Other initiatives involve air quality improvement. The newly established Transportation Management Association http://www.seacoastcommuteroptions.org/ promotes carpooling, vanpooling and alternative means of transportation. Developers are urged to provide parking facilities that are not oversized as a means of promoting shared ride programs

Property Repair and Maintenance

The Department develops and bids out several contracts to provide services in conjunction with property repair and maintenance, including electrical & mechanical, mowing, landscaping, vegetation control, janitorial, site safety officer, and emergency spill control. Most of these contracts are multi-year but they require a considerable effort in terms of monitoring and coordinating the services. We work on a daily basis with the PDA Maintenance Department staff on other projects that are accomplished in-house.

Construction Monitoring

Throughout the construction process the Department coordinates the activities of clients, utilities, and city personnel involved in the project. Tasks range from arranging schedules of utility installation to working with the Code Enforcement Officer to ensure that all life safety and building codes are followed. This activity is important to all parties, in order that a Certificate of Occupancy is issued in a timely manner at the conclusion of construction.

During construction of facilities, we monitor the effectiveness of erosion control and other measures designed to protect the valuable wetlands throughout the Tradeport. We work closely with site design consultants to protect against filling or otherwise adversely affecting any wetlands, and to guard against excessive land clearing. Landscaping is always a significant feature of projects built on the Tradeport and we insist on a high degree of quality in that regard.


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